A horrible thing that can occur to a tree is girdle damage. This destruction is harmful to the tree, but it can be detrimental to the property owner as well. Read on to find out more about tree girdling.


The Risks of Tree Girdling 

Tree girdling brings a dangerous health risk to trees. It is girdling results when a patch of bark around the circumference of a tree falls off. Since the bark is needed to transport nutrients throughout the tree, fix a girdling issue quickly. Tree girdling damage left alone can result in the death of your tree. 

Most girdling can occur when a lawnmower or weed eater hits the trunk by accident. To escape suffering from any damage, place mulch around your tree. This damage also happens when rodents eat the tree bark.


Girdling Intentionally

Orchard Park Tree What Is Tree Girdling

Peeled bark is very damaging to the tree

Let’s say that you own a large piece of property that runs alongside the forest. On one part of the property, you desire to have an open space. Meanwhile, you have to keep the brush down in this area as best you can. 

If a young tree starts to crop up and you don’t have time to chop it down immediately, you might want to halt it in its tracks by killing it. Therefore, you enclose it. Later, when you get time, you can remove it. 


Accidental Girdling

Accidental girdling can refer to strangling a limb or trunk of a tree, choking off the stream of nutrients. This process is usually caused accidentally by vines, humans, or tree roots.

When humans are the offender, it is because they have secured a material onto the plant. For instance, it might be a plant label or wrap used in grafting. Retaining labels on your plant usually turn out to be the type of landscaping mistake that you’ll regret later.

Girdled tree treatment includes using first aid to clean the wound and stopping the wood from drying out. Bridge grafting or repair grafting offers a bridge whereby nutrients can be moved throughout the tree.

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