Plum trees are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space. But without accurate trimming and training, these trees could be a problem instead of an asset. Even though plum tree pruning isn’t hard, it’s crucial to know how to prune a plum tree. 

The reason for training and pruning is to increase fruit production and boost tree health. When pruned incorrectly, plum trees can get heavy and snap due to the fruit’s weight. Having a solid foundation is vital to the lifespan of any fruit tree. Also, having fruit trees well-trimmed safeguards against both pest infestations and diseases.


How to Prune a Plum Tree: The First Three YearsOrchard Park Tree How To Prune A Plum Tree

All young fruit plants necessitate tree pruning to start right. Plum trees are best cut in a vase arrangement to get a small trunk with three or four big branches to come off the trunk. This design lets in plenty of air and light into the tree. Always use sharp and clean pruning tools when you trim. 


When to Prune a Plum Tree

You can base the time for plum tree pruning on the plum tree’s age and type. Prune young plums in the spring before bud break. Pruning at this time of the year helps avoid infections. Start pruning right away when you plant a young tree to guarantee proper shape. Prune traditional plum fruit trees in mid-summer. Pruning a flourishing plum tree isn’t recommended. 


How to Prune a Plum Tree When Established

When it comes to established trees, it’s critical to prune only limbs that have not yielded fruit in that year. Please get rid of all dead wood and dispose of it properly. Cut all side shoots to six leaves from their main branch to inspire fruiting the following year. Keep the main stem under three feet from the tallest branch. 

How and when to trim plum trees shouldn’t be disheartening. You will be alright if you learn the basics of plum tree pruning. Knowing how to cut a plum tree gives you the much-needed equipment for having happy, healthy trees with lots of fruit.

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