Landscape fabric works well on its own. Though, it’s typically best to cover it with decorative rock, mulch, or other ground covers. The fabric divides the cover material from the dirt, keeping gravel and stone clean. Landscape fabrics also help in slowing the breakdown of mulch. But to reap the benefits, you need to learn how to use landscape fabric correctly.

Setting up this fabric isn’t any more difficult than spreading out a bedsheet. It’s vital to prepare the ground correctly to stop damage to the material and have a flat surface. It would be best if you secured the edges of the fabric to stop weed growth.


Working with Landscape Fabric

It is critical to remember landscape fabric is a weed barricade. However, not all weed blockers are landscape fabric. Thin, inexpensive plastic weed barriers are second-rate to quality fabric and could tear easily. It doesn’t pay to use cheap material since you’ll probably have to replace it sooner. 

Orchard Park Tree how to use landscape fabric for weedsOn the other hand, top-quality fabric lasts a long time and is resistant to rips and sunshine. Some fabrics are guaranteed to last for more than 15 years.

Another advantage of high-quality landscape fabric is that you can use it over and over again. If you want to change a spot covered with mulch and material, get rid of the mulch, loosen the fabric, shake the dirt off, and roll up the fabric to use it again.

Even though it might be a tad dirty, reused fabric works just like new material. Most high-grade fabric consists of synthetic-fiber material that stops sunlight but allows the movement of some air and water. 

The material is resilient, but tools, sharp rocks, and roots can damage it. For this reason, it’s recommended by tree care professionals that you smooth and rake the ground before laying the fabric. Many landscape fabrics are UV-protected, but they will last a long time if they are not directly in the sunlight. Coverage for the fabric includes a layer of mulch or any other ground material. 

If you want more information or suggestions on weed barrier fabrics, call and explore your options at Orchard Park Tree Service.