The sycamore tree is a gigantic, sturdy tree with a sizeable root system and fast growth rate. The tree has a pyramidal, vertical crown when it’s young. As it matures, a sycamore tree acquires an irregular, circular form with large diameter branches. The most distinct feature of the sycamore tree is its camouflage-patterned bark. 

The outer bark can’t develop at the same rate as the limbs and trunk. The bark comes off in splotches, disclosing the tan, white, and green inner bark.


Sycamore Tree Care

Keep your tree healthy with consistent fertilizing, pruning, and watering. Mature trees benefit from fertilizer filled with micronutrients and organic-based macro for the nutrition needed to maintain their health.


Pruning Sycamore Tree Limbs and Leaves

Orchard Park Tree Care For Your Sycamore Tree

Sycamore tree seeds

Prune these trees often to get rid of deadwood and sustain a resilient structure

Pruning enhances vitality, lifecycle, and structure. Tree trimming diminishes structural issues and tree defects, reducing the risk of failure. Take off broken, diseased, or dead branches to stop mold from infecting the wood in other tree parts. 

Removal of live limbs is sometimes necessary to better air circulation and sunlight exposure in the canopy. This process helps in preventing certain diseases. Also, the removal of limb stubs is needed to encourage correct wound healing. 


Stop Sycamore Pests and Diseases

There are a few harmful pests and diseases that affect these trees. The most common are:

Sycamore Anthracnose – This infection results in shoot dieback, twig death, and extensive defoliation. Usually mistaken for frost damage, indications of sycamore anthracnose are canker on the limbs and trunk, as well as brown areas on leaves.

Sycamore Lace Bug – The adult bug has a lacy design on its wings, head, and chest. They feed on the sap, making the leaves yellow. Heavy infestations lessen growth.

Several of these diseases and pests deteriorate the tree and can lead to tree death if not remedied. If you think you have an issue with your trees, call Orchard Park Tree Service. Our sycamore tree care professionals can aid in protecting your trees, keeping your outdoor space attractive.