A Bartlett pear tree is considered the most famous in America. They are also the most well-liked pear type in the world, with their sweet, huge yellow-green fruit. Having Bartlett pears in your orchard will give you a constant supply of this tasty fruit. For information on Bartlett pears plus tips on how to maintain a Bartlett pear tree, keep reading. 


Bartlett Pear Information 

Bartlett pears aren’t just well-liked in the U.S. Britons love this pear type too. In the U.K., Bartlett pears are called Williams pears. After producing the pears in England, the brand came into the control of a nurseryman named Williams. Eventually, he offered it in Britain as the Williams pear.

Around 1800, many Williams trees went to America. A man named Bartlett reproduced the trees and sold the fruit as Bartlett pears. Orchard Park Tree Taking Care of Bartlett Pear Tree


Growing Bartlett Pears 

Cultivating these trees is a big business. For instance, in California, over 80% of all pears grown commercially come from Bartlett pear trees. Homeowners can enjoy growing Bartlett pears in their orchards as well.

Regular irrigation is a vital part of care for Bartlett pear trees. Pear trees don’t put up with drought. If you have a pear tree in your landscape, you’ll need to plant another compatible pear species (Moonglow, Beurre Bosc, Stark, and Starking) close by for pollination. 


Bartlett Pear Harvesting 

Bartlett pears are a distinct fruit type. This fruit lightens in color as it ripens. Green pears are crunchy and crisp. Pears become sweet and soft as they turn yellow. But Bartlett pear harvesting doesn’t happen after the pears ripen. 

You should harvest the fruit when it’s mature but not ripe. This process lets the pears ripen off the tree, creating a sweeter and smoother fruit. The scheduling of pear harvesting differs based on where you live. 

For example, In the Pacific Northwest, the pears are reaped in early autumn. Similar to other fruit trees, pear trees necessitate good soil drainage, plenty of water, and lots of sunshine. The pears are ready to harvest in late summer or early autumn. 

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