If you are looking for top-quality service and plant material, Boston Hill Nursery is the right place. Since establishing in 1992, Boston Hill Nursery has been fixated on supplying customers with affordable, healthy shrubs, trees, annuals, and perennials for their outdoor planting projects.

They also carry compost, mulch, grass seed, topsoil, and other landscape products to aid you in successfully doing your project.

About Boston Hill Nursery

Boston Hill Nursery near Orchard Park Tree Care

Boston Hill Nursery

Easily situated ten minutes from Orchard Park, Boston Hill has a lovely view of the surrounding neighborhoods. The nursery has numerous mature plantings of the products they sell. Visit this affordable Orchard Park tree care business for quality plants and service in a park-like atmosphere.

Trees: They cultivate all their own ornamental and shade trees in a case production system. The advantages of their operation are:

Top Quality: Boston Hills has provided tree plantings for over twenty years around all parts of Erie County. Today, many of them have grown over 45 feet tall and getting bigger every year.

Customer Friendly: Trees come with little root balls. They are lightweight and simple to plant. Trees come with 90% or more of their roots. This significantly reduces transplant shock and the issues associated with it. They are fertilized and trimmed annually as well as correctly irrigated.

Selection: big selection, numerous varieties.

Availability: trees are available and prepared to plant from 3/1 through 12/23. Plant them yourself or have one of their tree specialists do it for you.

Shrubs: The shrubs offered are either nurtured on site or bought from quality suppliers. Our well-kept inventory guarantees our customers get their plant products in topnotch condition. Since the started their business, they have determined assortments do the best in the Orchard Park, NY area.

Perennials: Boston Hill Nursery offers perennials in gallon containers. They have a vast assortment of well-maintained perennials.

Annuals: From May until July they have a greenhouse filled with a big selection of vegetables and flowers.

Christmas Tree

Boston Hill Nursery has a cut-your-own tree farm for customers to enjoy. Tree baling is included. Live and pre-cut trees are also available.