Need information on getting young trees ready for spring? Follow the tips below for any young tree, from shade trees all the way to ornamental trees.

Shade and Ornamental Trees

PruningPrune trees in winter right before spring growth starts. Oak trees must be pruned in deep winter or the heat of summer when pests aren’t so active to reduce the chances of oak wilt disease. Spray cuts ASAP with varnish, pruning sealer, or paint. You can also brush the cuts with Elmer’s glue to cover the openings until the tree seals them.

Fertilizer — Fertilize in late winter before spring blossoming starts. Tree growth is swayed by nitrogen.  Using a pure lawn fertilizer is okay but don’t ever use feed and weed products.

Mature Trees — Fertilize according to the size of the canopy. Use one to two pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of canopy. Estimate the canopy by measuring a square around the canopy.

Young Trees — Young trees grow excellently when tiny amounts of fertilizer are applied.  Combine ammonia with water and drench around the tree at the drip line.

Fruit TreesOrchard Park Tree Getting Trees Ready For Spring

Pruning — Prune fruit trees during the bloom. Pruning encourages trees to bloom and if performed before the tree would typically blossom it can bring on early bloom which can be lost to late frost. Wait until the tree is prepared to start blooming on its own.  Also, it helps you to see how heavy the pruning must be.

Fertilizer — Pay close attention to fertilization to aid the tree through its growing phase.  For example, peach trees are very needy. Use nut and fruit fertilizer in several applications in late June and late bloom.

Dormant Oil Spray — Dormant oil sprays are applied to regulate the populations of pests in the wintertime which can brutally affect your tree’s chance to make its crop. You can purchase dormant oil sprays at a tree care services business and use as directed. Don’t ever use dormant oil sprays after the foliage has bloomed.

For fruit tree owners: fertilize your citrus tree in early spring as new growth develops. Trees, all of them, need water and food. Regardless the season, don’t deny them!