Besides their beautiful fruit, numerous homeowners grow cherry trees for their beautiful spring flowers. Cherry trees can have an elegant weeping form or gorgeous upright canopy based on the species. But, you should also be aware of cherry tree diseases and how to treat them. 


Reason for Cherry Tree Diseases

As it grows, a cherry tree might face problems created by diseases or pests. Factors like weather and location play a part in which challenges your cherry tree faces and how well your tree endures. A disease-resistant cherry tree is an easy-care choice for growers who want a no-spray or low-spray orchard. When it comes to cherry trees, proper routine maintenance helps keep most issues at bay.


Cherries on Your Cherry Tree

Orchard Park Tree Treating Cherry Tree Diseases

Cherry tree blossoms

The tree’s leaves are also striking in the autumn. Bing Cherry Trees yield tasty, huge red fruit. A mature tree can produce over 100 lbs. of fruit.

Plant your cherry tree at the beginning of spring. If producing cherries for their fruit, a dry, cool environment is best. To thrive, cherry trees need well-drained soil and lots of sunshine. 


Cherry Tree Pruning

Pruning cherry trees enhance fruit production.

Keeping your cherry tree trimmed is vital for a tree that might grow quicker than its structure can support. Generally speaking, tree trimming is necessary to sustaining vitality, productivity, and health during the lifecycle of your tree orchard. 


Cherry Tree Pests, Diseases and Signs

Some several harmful pests and diseases affect cherry trees. Some of the most well-known are:

Cherry Leaf Spot – Fungus that mainly affects leaves but could also attack stems and twigs. Search for yellow leaves, dark-colored spots, or white spots on the leaves. 

Black Cherry Aphid – These little black, soft-bodied pests munch on the leaves of the tree, making them stunted, twisted, and curled. The aphids also exude honeydew, which might cause black fungus to thrive. Brutal infestations could destroy young trees and diminish the quantity and quality of a tree’s harvest.

Do not let these pests or diseases kill your beloved cherry trees. If you believe you have an issue with your trees, contact Orchard Park Tree Service for a tree inspection and treatment options.