If a tree branch breaks due to a storm or any other reason, it will remain alive as long as it stays connected to the tree. If it breaks, you must take extreme care. You do not want pets and humans to travel under a broken branch, which could fall.


Assessing the Damage from a Broken Branch

Branches may break from severe winds during a storm or under the weight of snow or fruit.

They should be fixed right away for the best chance of survival. Also, you can base success on the quantity of wood that is still attached. If a tiny piece of bark is all that is left, odds of survival are slim. 

If the visible tissue dries out, it might not be possible to put the wood back together. However, the branch will continue to live thanks to the water and nutrients supplied. It might be best to slice it off at the branch collar and let the tree grow a new branch.


Fixing Little BranchesOrchard Park Tree Can I Repair A Broken Branch

A little branch with a break could be wrapped with electrical or grafting tape to keep it together. As long as there is appropriate contact between the inner bark layers, the wood will fuse after a couple of months. For somewhat more significant limbs that won’t support their weight, use a splint. Tying the limb to a more substantial branch above aids in stabilizing the repaired branch even further. 


Fixing Big Branches 

Graft a big limb with a combination of bolts and cables holding it together while it merges to the tree. If a large branch is too big and unmanageable, hire a certified arborist to do the work. An eye hook may be put into the trunk or a higher branch to support the broken branch with a cable. 


Caring for the Limb

The area of the break blocks nutrients and water streaming from the main trunk until the limb mends itself back into place. For this reason, it is useful to slice back a part of the branch so the tree can focus more strength on restoring the broken area. Be sure the tree has sufficient water during this time. 

If you need more information on repairing broken branches or want to schedule an arborist to fix a cracked limb, give us a call at Orchard Park Tree Service.